It happens to me every year.

Because of my tight schedule, I always find myself in the situation where Christmas is coming or there is a birthday in a couple of days and I don’t know what gift to get. I understand how frustrating shopping can be, especially when you cannot ask the person directly: “What present do you want?”

I know that any present can be good, but I’m not a teenager anymore and a bottle of wine or box of chocolates are no longer a viable solution. So, I did a little research about what gifts are trending this year and I am going to share the results with you to make your life a little bit easier.

For your dad – An interesting luxury pen

My father, just like many other dads, loves to have the most interesting writing tools. Luxury pens show passion for sophistication and etiquette.

If your father is a director, a businessman or a writer, a luxury pen is an ideal option.

Also, a pen is a gentleman’s tool because it completes classy timeless outlook.

For your mother – A massage package

Being a mother is one of the most stressful and thankless jobs out there. Each day should be Mother’s Day and you should show your mother how much you love her by getting her something special. You can make your mother feel special with a massage package from the local spa. You can find daily deals on special offer websites or you can contact the spa directly.

Flowers may be nice, but a massage and spa package will make your mom happier. No matter if you choose a luxury spa day or a 45-minute stone massage, your mom will surely enjoy the relaxation.

For your grandparents – A heartwarming picture frame

Grandparents appreciate the most personal items. You can print out a series of photos of you and put them in an interesting frame.

Your grandparents will love it more than anything else because the picture frame will show just how much you care and appreciate them. You can create a tiny poem for them which you can write in the corner of the photo.

For your boyfriend – A new wallet

Every man’s wallet holds his entire life. Gentlemen’s wallets contain all the important things including credit cards, money, ID card, driver’s license and others. Wallets are everyday items, indispensable for a man, but, unfortunately, they get a lot of wear and tear.

Your boyfriend’s wallet is probably coming apart by now and it is a good opportunity to stand out. The best type of wallet you can choose is the leather one. The leather wallet is practical, resistant, and also fashionable.

For your BFF – A unique hand bag

Having a big purse is starting to lose its appeal. More and more women are renouncing their big bags in favor of easier to carry hand bags. The messenger bag is perfect because it not only accommodates a lot of stuff, but it also matches any type of wardrobe. For example, the Luminesk Star Messenger Bag is created to perfectly fit every need and it has a colorful design.

Your best friend can even fit a 13-inch device inside. The amazing holographic star patterns reflect the light in different ways depending on the lighting and create an array of vibrant colors.

The colors can change from intense blue, green, and violet to dark charcoal based on light source, angle, and intensity.

The Luminesk Star Messenger Bag is extremely easy to access and very comfortable to carry with you on your daily journeys.

Check out the new Luminsek Star Messenger Bag and see how creativity blends with functionality.

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